Aenigma is not a mystery.  With every note, every word, every drum hit, Aenigma is exact with their sound and presence.  However, when you think you know where their music is taking you, the unique amalgamation of dynamics and style heard by the members which make up Aenigma, will surprise.

Empowerment through adversity.  This is what the listener experiences through the emotional performance of vocalist and lyricist, Mina Ghamari.  She breaks you down.  She brings you on a journey of turmoil and struggle, only to show you hope and have you become stronger than you were before.  With the blistering heavy riffs by guitarists Ian Breukelaar and Phillip Humeniuk, and the thick rhythm by bassist Fahim Rahman and drummer Liam McLaughlin, you hear a style of metal that is poetically tragic, yet aggressive and powerful.